This page lists key CMGPD links, and links to all blog posts related to the CMGPD. For a more detailed introduction to the China Multigenerational Panel Datasets (CMGPD), please go here.



Draft versions of documentation are available for download via the links below. These are the latest versions and are updated as changes are made. Documentation at ICPSR is updated less frequently, so this is usually the first place to check.

CMGPD Blog Posts

CMGPD-LN Specific Blog Posts

CMGPD-SC Specific Blog Posts

Preparation of the CMGPD-SC and accompanying documentation for public release via ICPSR DSDR was supported by NICHHD R01 HD070985-01 “Multi-generational Demographic and Landholding Data: CMGPD-SC Public Release.”

Preparation and documentation of the CMGPD-LN for public release via ICPSR DSDR was supported by NICHD R01 HD057175-01A1 “Multi-Generation Family and Life History Panel Dataset” with funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.